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Land transportation business


We can provide you with complete vehicle and less than truckload road transportation services between Xi'an and China's major air and sea ports:




  Xi'an-Beijing Airport

  Xi'an-Zhengzhou Airport






Air Freight Business


>  Aviation drop shipment service

>  Air transport of containerized goods

>  NFO/ZXO/OBC Rapidly guaranteed delivery

>  Door to door (DAP & DDP) transportation

>  Cargo transportation insurance service

>  Import and export customs clearance service

>  Logistics delivery service

>  Packaging and warehousing services





Shipping Business


>  Ocean Shipping(LCL) transport

>  Ocean Shipping FCL transportation

>  Door to door (DAP & DDP) transportation

>  L / C goods operation

>  Large goods project logistics

>  Delivery logistics service

>  Import and export customs clearance service

>  Transportation insurance business

>  Goods packaging and warehousing business

>  Bulk cargo transportation